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Siemens EQ.9 s300 Black




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Product Description

For extra-strong coffee: aromaDouble Shot.

Extra-strong coffee without compromising on aroma — thanks to the innovative aromaDouble Shot function. With the aromaDouble Shot function, two grinding and brewing processes consistently create the best aroma. This automatic process ensures there is no bitter aftertaste, as less water means that less bitterness is released — ensuring that only the best of the beans make it into your cup.


Auto cleaning of the entire milk system – autoMilk Clean.

Making really good, aromatic coffee specialities is a delight – cleaning the milk system not so much. So Siemens developed the autoMilk Clean function. This fully automatic steam cleaning process operates after every drink, allowing you to simply sit back and enjoy a great cup of coffee.


Finely ground with a fuller flavour: ceramDrive.

The high-quality ceramDrive grinder grinds the coffee beans to a particularly even consistency, allowing all the different flavours to develop during the brewing process — for an exceptionally aromatic coffee experience. Since ceramic—unlike steel grinders—is virtually non-wearing, long-lasting enjoyment of premium-quality coffee is guaranteed.


Perfect interaction for perfect taste – the iAroma System.

With a unique iAroma System, Siemens fully automatic espresso machines always make the best quality beverage. The interplay between a long-lasting ceramic grinder, an intelligent heater, smart waterpump and a high-tech brewing unit, creates technical perfection from the bean to the cup. Enjoy!


A drink with a touch, or two at once – oneTouch DoubleCup.

No matter which coffee specialities you choose – whether a strong espresso, creamy cappuccino or a latte macchiato: With oneTouch DoubleCup your beverage is prepared with just a touch of a button – it’s as easy as that. And even better: you can get two cups at once.


For perfect pleasure at the touch of a button – oneTouch Function.

Whether it’s a latte macchiato, creamy cappuccino or espresso, thanks to the oneTouch Function your fully automatic espresso machines can create pure coffee indulgence at the touch of a button. The system prepares coffee and milk specialities automatically — just the way you like them.


Hygiene and comfort is guaranteed – removable brewing unit.

For hygienic cleaning the brewing unit is easy to remove, rinse under running water and then replace. This ensures a consistent good taste, and prolongs the lifespan. So you can get back to savouring the pure aroma of the finest coffee specialities.


Enjoy peace: With superSilent.

With superSilent, you can start to relax the second you switch on your coffee machine. Thanks to the sophisticated design of the appliance, with optimised sound insulation and special seals, noise is significantly reduced — making this appliance the quietest ever fully automatic coffee machine from Siemens.

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