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  • Accessory set for milk systems

    JURA Accessory Set for Milk Systems

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  • image003

    JURA Automatic Milk Frother

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    JURA Cool Control 1L

    Cool Control – Chilled to 4 °C for milk perfection

    With the technically and visually upgraded Cool Control, there’s now an even better way to enjoy trend specialities with milk.

    The innovative milk cooler not only creates the perfect experience for the palate, but looks stylish too.


    Milk with an ideal temperature of 4 °C combined with optimum hygiene provides the perfect basis for creating a wide range of recipes.

    Elegant design, robust materials, high-quality aluminium details and optimum convenience make the Cool Control the perfect accessory for any automatic coffee machine.

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  • image006

    JURA Cool Control Basic 0.6L

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  • Cup warmer

    JURA Cup Warmer

    Absolutely no cold coffee…

    Coffee tastes its best when served hot. That’s why all professionals work with correctly pre-warmed cups as a matter of principle. If hot coffee is poured into cold porcelain cups, a lot of heat is lost. Too much, in fact.

    In pre-warmed cups, however, the mouthwatering aroma is released in its entirety. With the elegant, slim cup warmer, JURA offers the ideal accessory for any automatic speciality coffee machine. Two heating elements constantly keep the cups at a temperature of approximately 131°F – ideal for preparing a fiery espresso or a cappuccino topped with milk foam.

    Optimum storage space

    The slim machine is fitted with a modern cushioning system so that the two drawers close silently. Its capacity is optimally suited to domestic use and cups with a diameter of up to 3.5 inch and up to 4.3 inch tall. Each level provides space for 5 espresso cups (2.2 inch), 4 coffee cups (2.6 inch) or 6 cappuccino cups (3.5 inch). The closed system prevents valuable heat energy from being lost and the cups from getting dusty.

    Warm cups just when they’re needed

    The modern cup warmer proves its eco-intelligence with the programmable automatic switch-on and switch-off time. It can be easily adapted to meet your needs and pre-warms the cups at exactly the right time for when you would like to enjoy your morning coffee. Being eco-friendly has never been so easy.

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    JURA Fine Foam Frother

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    JURA Interchangeable Milk Spout

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    JURA Professional Fine Foam Frother

    The multifunctional frother is specially designed for the preparation of speciality coffees with milk and milk foam. You can use it to make delicious latte macchiato, cappuccino or hot milk and milk foam for hot chocolate – with perfect results every time.

    The first stage in the multichamber system froths the milk to professional barista standard. The revolutionary fine foam technology creates a finely textured milk foam with a long-lasting consistency, making every mouthful a pleasure for the palate and tongue.
    In the second stage the milk is drawn in and then heated.

    Combined with superior quality coffee, this technology completely redefines the coffee experience. It’s a difference you can both see and taste. 

    For effective cleaning and optimum hygiene the professional fine foam frother is now equipped with an interchangeable milk spout. In the interests of hygiene, we recommend changing the interchangeable milk spout on a regular basis (approx. every 2 months).

    Compatible with:

    • E8 / E80 / E800 (2015)
    • WE8
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    JURA Wireless Transmitter

    The Wireless Transmitter enables wireless communication between the Cool Control and the coffee machine.  

    Important: The coffee machine must be fitted with a Smart Connect.

    Please note that the coffee machine can only be connected to either the Cool Control or a JURA app.


    • Z8
    • Z6
    • J6
    • S8
    • E6
    • E8
    • D6
    • ENA 8

    * (Software version M V01.22 / D V01.12 and higher) If you have any questions about software versions, please contact the JURA Hotline. 


    • GIGA X7 Professional
    • GIGA W3 Professional
    • WE8
    • X8
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  • Waeco Black Fridge MF5M

    WAECO Black MyFridge

    Clean chic: milk cooler/mini refrigerator for semi-professional use

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  • WAECO MyFridge

    WAECO MyFridge

    Clean chic: milk cooler/mini refrigerator for semi-professional use

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